Fact Check – Foreign Journalists Restricted to Hotels in Sudan


As the conflict between democracy protesters and the military led government in Sudan escalates, reports have emerged of a crackdown on press freedoms and foreign journalists being prevented from leaving their hotels or even venturing out on to balconies.

At the same time, a demonstration of local journalists outside the offices of Al Jazeera was reportedly broken up by armed security personal associated with the military. The demonstration was in protest of a general crackdown on press freedom and although no shots appear to have been fired in this instance, the response – confronting and intimidating journalists with armed force – is consistent with other reports.

While we are unable to individually verify the claims appearing in international media, of foreign journalists being physically restrained or restricted to hotels, nor the scale of the activity, there is most certainly a restriction of press freedoms that appears to be escalating. Cell phone and internet coverage is confirmed to be have been shut off repeatedly and in numerous places, while ongoing intimidation of journalists both foreign and domestic is well documented.


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