Telegraph article based on climate myth

Last week a columnist in the Telegraph wrote an opinion piece disparaging teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg and her recent appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

This piece was written by Sherelle Jacobs, who has previous form in taking a sketchy understanding of the issue of manmade global warming and concluding provocatively that the “climate change emergency is fake news”.

The main thrust of her argument – that climate science is “messy, mystifying and ambivalent” – appears to be centred on an article written last year by the Telegraph’s science editor Sarah Kapton. That piece was roundly discredited by climate scientists.

Jacobs makes a string of assertions that are not backed up by the science. For example, she suggests there is a lack of consensus within the scientific community on man made climate change, when in fact there is unprecedented unanimity. She also casts doubt on the reliability of climate modelling, a process that is in fact rigorously tested and updated the more data we receive. 

She also claims there is no way of linking climate change to the recent Australia fires; she appears to be ignorant or dismissive of attribution science, which has in fact linked past extreme weather events to climate change.

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