Fact Check: Are Mexicans demanding border closure with the US during Corona Pandemic?

Daniel Mackisack

Circulating on social media over the last 48 hours has been the claim that Mexican citizens are protesting Americans entering the country.

After a brief investigation, ‘The Best Disinfectant’ can verify that although this claim is TRUE, it is a limited protest of less than a dozen people at a single border crossing between the Mexican state of Sonora and the US state of Arizona.

The protest, rather than being directed at Americans crossing the border, is in fact targeted at the Mexican federal government and in particular President López Obrador, who the protesters claim has failed to enforce the border restrictions and provide testing for those crossing.

At present Mexico has roughly 500 confirmed cases of Corvid-19, while the United States has more than 80,000. This has made many Mexicans anxious about loose borders allowing Americans on non-essential travel through, despite restrictions to the contrary. In particular, protesters sighted the potential impact on vulnerable populations.

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