White House Claims 4.8 Million Jobs Gained in June

US President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed today featured the claim that his administration had “added” 4.8 million jobs to the US economy during the month of June.

This exceeded the expectations of economists and, at face value, made it seem like the US is not in the worst period of unemployment since the 1930s.

While the claim is technically accurate, the social media post obfuscates Covid-related job losses that contextualise the gains. However, this context is offered in the official report on whitehouse.gov.

The US president, in further statements, claimed that this was the “largest monthly jobs gain” in history. While this statement is again, technically accurate, many of the jobs created are believed to be the result of companies rehiring after the initial economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

It remains a matter of perspective whether the regaining of 4.8 million jobs after losses in excess of 20 million can be considered an economic victory for the administration.

By Daniel Mackisack

This story provides an example of how facts alone can be misleading in the wider context of media reporting and analysis. Write In Stone combines both a verification of the (objective) facts and the (subjective) experience of the journalist, in delivering a quality news product. Addressing disinformation and distrust in the media depends on both.

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