Cowboy Bebop: Who is the Man on the Woolong?

By Aliya and Arsène

Cowboy Bebop live action recently came out on Netflix! Though nothing can top the original hit anime series, even the most diehard fans could not resist indulging in a new spin on this classic. 

The Mystery

In the show’s first episode, Jet is handling woolong, their world’s currency. As it is laid down, a man’s portrait is visible on one of the notes. This begs the question: who is this man? Our first thought was that the man on the note must be a subject of Bebop lore, something only a master of the show’s canon would be qualified to identify. 

The Search

My search began by reaching out to Arsène, a friend who originally recommended Cowboy Bebop. He suggested the face could be of a character that will appear later in the series or of an existing politician in the Bebop universe. Certainly, it is also possible that the portrayal on the bill is of no real significance, but why then would it be placed so prominently in the camera shot?

Inconclusive Results

From comparing facial features of crew members to contacting people who worked on this episode, Arsène covered a lot of ground using Stone, but this yielded no definitive answer about whose face appears on the note. 

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